June 15-Mancos CO Day 1

It has been very hot. There is a drought and a heat wave in this part of the country right now. I’m doing my best to stay hydrated.

I decided a couple of things today:
- I’m not going to Big Bend or anywhere in Texas
- I’m doing less driving between destinations, hopefully no more than 3 hours per travel day.
- I’m not staying anywhere for less than 2 nights

It’s too hot to go to Big Bend, and the parks are too far from the nearest towns where I could stay. I was considering Marfa as a place to stay but it’s 2.5 hours from Marfa to Big Bend State Park. The National Park is closer but I’m not interested in driving more than 1/2 hour or so from where I’m staying. I also am concerned about breaking down or having another kind of car problem when commuting to and from the park across the west Texas landscape.

Today I drove from Green River UT to Mesa Verde National Park near Mancos CO. It took a hour longer than I thought it would, I was exhausted when I got to the park, I didn’t get to see much, and I had all of the gear and food I brought in the hot sun without AC when the car was parked.

Sign at entrance to Mesa Verde National Park

Photo of large bronze sculpture placed on 4 foot high pediment outside of entrance to Mesa Verde National Park visitors center

I went to the highest peak in the park, looked around, recorded some sound, then got back in the car on and took a quick cat nap with the AC on.

Mesa Verde National Park.m4a

Sign at Park Point in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. SIgn reads

Fire lookout tower atop Park Point in Mesa Verde National Park near Mancos Colorado.

I contacted my AirBnB host and asked if i could check in an hour early, and if I could extend my reservation by a day for 2 nights total. They were kindly able to accommodate me with both requests. By the time I drove out of the park, went to the store to get some food for breakfast, and got the AirBnb, I was able to check in. Thankfully the AirBnB has good AC and a large floor fan.

I need to be more mindful of my time budget and not push it on my way to new places. So, a minimum of 2 nights for the rest of the trip. It also gives me a chance to catch up on writing, processing photos and audio, and napping.

Mancos is a nice town with a strong Western vibe. It has a couple of restaurants, a makers district, a cidery and a few cafes. People have been friendly and chatty.

Got not-great dinner to go at a local brewpub and went back to the place I am staying. Parked the Prius in the middle of a bunch of trucks in the brewpub parking lot.

Silver Prius V surrounded by enormous pickup trucks in gravel parking lot.

Talked with Joshua to get some ideas for southern NM. There is a large land art installation near White Sands that I might check out. 

Jacob M Brostoff @roadtrip