June 16-Mancos CO Day 2

Went to bed early last night and slept well. Spent the morning and early afternoon in Mesa Verde NP. Saw some neat ruins, but didn’t do the whole park. It’s a big park. Photo of tall mesa plateau with steeply sloping sides and fluffy clouds in the background

Large, well-preserved circular indigenous water collection faciltiies made out of ancient brock

Placard from American Society of Civil Engineers delcaring the prehistoric water collection facilities built by Indigenous peoples of the region. Placard reads

Mesa Verde National Park CO Geologic Overlook 2.m4a

Mesa Verde National Park Far View Sites.m4a

Got back to the place where I am staying and took a nap. Then, went to the local cidery here in Mancos and had some unfiltered, non-alcoholic apple cider. It was delicious. Met two nice people and their cute puppy who I sat next to in the cidery’s outdoor patio. It is still hot but about 10 degrees cooler than where I was in UT.

Went to Durango CO for a late lunch. Tried going to a brewery that Maps said was open, but actually, they were closed for two days for improvements. So I went to Animas Brewing, which is right by the Animas River which runs through Durango. They had cheese curds! And pasties! I wondered if the owners were Midwesterners. Two two tourist trains went by carrying lots of people who waved at those of us sitting on the patio. The trains were LOUD. The tracks are right next to the brewery.

Drove back to Mancos after eating and hit the first rain of the trip. It washed off the car which was good. When I got back to the rental, I had good intentions to build the blog I’m going to use to post media of my progress on this trip but I was too tired. I ended up going to bed super early.

Jacob M Brostoff @roadtrip