June 11th-Boise ID

Long drive from Portland to Boise. Talked to Joshua and Jonathan off and on for a good portion of the trip, where I had cell service. Got second full tank of gas in Baker City, at a self-serve (?) gas station. I had to ask another customer if it was self-serve. He looked bemused.

Got to Boise quite late. Had trouble finding a hotel room. Got the last one at a forgettable but clean inn and suites near a strip mall in town.

Amazingly, I was tired but not drowsy for the entire drive. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Although my CPAP is working better now that I have the right nose pillow size attached to it, I still couldn’t sleep well. I was simultaneously exhausted from the drive and wired because I had started my month-long road trip.

Tomorrow: On to Utah!

Jacob M Brostoff @roadtrip