June 25-Witchita KS-Columbia MO

Relatively easy drive from Witchita today. Yogurt eaten, car filled up and on the road by 10:30am. Minor panic when the tollway ended and the only choices were lanes for “CASH” or “PASS”. Having neither, I rolled up to the very misleadingly labeled “CASH” kiosk and fortunately was able to pay with my card.

Stopped in Olathe KS outside of Kansas City for some mediocre BBQ for lunch. I had wanted to go into KC to see the downtown but didn’t have the energy and decided to keep pushing on to Columbia MO. I also decided to pronounce “Missouri” like the locals for the duration of this trip.

It was kind of a relief to be on divided highways most of the way. Traffic was reasonably light. There was heavy rain for a good part of the way through Missouri, so heavy that it cleared off most of the bugs from the windshield and some from the hood and headlights. Considering that I haven’t had the car washed since well before leaving on this trip, that’s some real rain.

I had wanted to explore the University of Missouri campus when I got to town but shortly after I arrived and checked into the hotel, it started really coming down. Thunder and lightning and the works. Shortly after that, I got the flash flood warning. So I decided to skip the tourism and grab food at the hotel restaurant.

BBQ again! Not great but it filled me up. I tried to do some writing while waiting for my food but the speed at which the food came out was an ever-present reminder that BBQ is prepared ahead of time and not smoked to order.

It rained really hard for the duration of the evening. I half-joked to myself that I hoped the Prius wouldn't float away overnight.

Heavy rain during thunderstorm in Columbia Missouri near University of Missouri stadium

Flash flood iPhone warning in Columbia Missouri

I decided to plug my CPAP into the battery I brought with me and keep things unplugged from the wall just in case.

Jacob M Brostoff @roadtrip