June 26th-Columbia MO-Moline IL

When I got up, the baseball team(s) that were staying at the hotel had taken over the breakfast seating area. I decided to head for Davenport IA. Almost all of the hotels in the Quad Cities were sold out so I reserved a room at a chi-chi but reasonably affordable place in downtown Moline IL for one night. I quickly ate my oatmeal and two yogurts and hit the road.

Pretty easy drive down country roads at first, leading eventually to the Chicago-Kansas City (C-KC) Expressway. It’s not a divided highway the whole way but it was reasonably quick in most places. Saw lots of signs for Mark Twain-related sightseeing locations. Stopped in Hannibal MO, walked around a little, found a concert in the main downtown park, and recorded some audio.

Sign for Hotel Mark Twain in Hannibal Missouri

Mural advertising BIg Muddy BBQ in Hannibal MO

Placard for National Register of Historic Places on side of building and sign for Mark Twain Area Title Insurance Company in downtown Hannibal Missouri

Hannibal MO Park concert.m4a

Hannibal MO Train passing by.m4a

Hannibal MO Big Muddy BBQ.m4a

Tried to find a place to grab some lunch and settled on a BBQ place in a strip mall next to a gas station. Although the setting was a little wonky, the BBQ did not disappoint. Got back on the road and crossed the Mississippi into Illinois. Took the C-KC Expressway most of the way, according to signs. I went through a bunch of small towns on the way to Moline. The smaller Illinois roads were definitely in worse shape than the equivalent roads in Missouri.

Got to the hotel after talking with Mom and Dad who were already in northern Wisconsin at the cabin after themselves driving in heavy rain most of the way there.

I got settled at the hotel, did some writing and went to a nearby German place in downtown Moline for dinner. I had some bratwurst sliders with spaetzle and potato pancakes. All in all, a good meal.


Bier Stube in downtown Moilne Illinois

Photo of German meal at Bier Stube in downtown Moline Illinois

A German pop station was playing on the speakers outside. I got to hear a funky 90s remix of “Higher and Higher” and some German news while enjoying my food.

Moline IL Bier Stube “Higher and Higher” 90s remix.m4a

Moline IL Bier Stube German news.m4a

After dinner I walked down to the Mississippi riverfront linear park and saw the John Deere Pavillion and some Pride flags.

Photo of John Deere Pavillion in downtown Moline Illinois

Pride flag in front of John Deere Pavillion in downtown Moline Illinois

There was a heron resting on something in the river. The Mississippi is beautiful.

Photo of Mississippi River as seen from downtown Moline Illinois riverfront park

Photo of heron resting on something in Mississippi River as seen from downtown riverfront park in Moline Illinois

Photo of linear riverfront park with bridge over the Mississippi River in downtown Mokine Illinois

Public art cityscape poster in downtown Moline Illinois

Went back to the hotel and went to bed. Undecided on whether to try staying in Eau Claire WI tomorrow night or push through to Hayward WI. We’ll see in the morning.

Jacob M Brostoff @roadtrip