June 27-Moline IL-Hayward WI`

Today was a 6+ hour travel day.

Got up, had my obligatory two yogurts, then hit the road, destination: all the way there. Left around 10:00am. Decided against a post-breakfast nap.

Stopped in downtown Dubuque IA for lunch at a cute café. Got back on the road, crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin and drove through many small towns.

The speed limits in this part of Wisconsin are simple: 55 MPH in between communities, 45 MPH through unincorporated communities, 35 MPH through incorporated towns. I drove the speed limit the entire way and got passed by at nearly every passing lane.

I went by a sign for Boaz, WI. Also passed several cheese shops, and decided to stop at the next one, which never materialized.

Photo of sign advertising Cataract Wisconsin and local Indigneous tribes who historically inhabited the region

There was a 45 mile stretch on I-94 by Osseo and up to Eau Claire that was moderately stressful due to speeds and traffic. Stopped for cheese curds and frozen custard outside of Eau Claire because I needed a snack and was craving cheese curds and frozen custard. Then back on Highway 53, a divided highway most of the way to Hayward. There were several larger towns that I went through, much to my surprise. I didn’t expect to encounter towns of around 10,000 population on this leg of the trip but sure enough.

Got to Hayward about 6pm and went to dinner with Mom and Dad. Dinner was decent. You can definitely feel the political leanings in this part of Wisconsin in the signage and the way some people talk about the government.

With Mom in the Prius, followed Dad back to the cabins. They’re super cute and right on a lake in Chippewa Flowage. I’m still not sure what a “flowage” is but I’m hoping to find out. I went straight to bed after getting back here, declining Mom’s offer of some dessert at their adjacent cabin.

I’m looking forward to a chill out day tomorrow. Also I am quite overdue for some clean laundry, so will work on that tomorrow.

Jacob M Brostoff @roadtrip